For more information about mindfulness and compassion practices, check out my e-book and articles below.

Meditation Habit Worksheet

Do you want to make meditation a part of your life but struggle with getting started? Not to worry. We prepared this worksheet in conjunction with our review of Atomic Habits by James Clear. This worksheet will help you think of ways to make meditation obvious, easy, attractive, and satisfying.

Pause and Begin Again e-Book

I prepared this e-book as a quick resource to help busy professionals get started with meditation and get back on track if their practice gets sidetracked. It is brief, easy to read, and explains mindfulness concepts in plain language.

Heart of Loving-Kindness Practice Guide

Do you want to learn more about loving-kindness practice? Have you tried it but struggle with the traditional phrases? This resource can help you learn the basics and rework the phrases to suit your life.

Mindfulness Articles

I love writing and I love mindfulness so it’s no surprise that I have written several pieces on mindfulness. I have also talked about my mindfulness practice on several excellent podcasts, so please check out my Media page for more.

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