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Past Events

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Lawyer Well-Being Week Meditation with LawClerk Legal

Take a break from the day-to-day chaos of the practice of law to join us for a short but amazing meditation session hosted by LawClerk Legal. This session is perfect for meditation pros as well as any newbies. Hope to see you there!

Watch the video here.

Valentine’s Loving-Kindness Meditation

Whether you have a sweetheart or not, we all need love. And loving-kindness meditation is shown by research to increase happiness and reduce stress. In honor of Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day, let’s get together for a short loving-kindness practice that is all about giving and receiving love.

Watch the video here.

Mindfulness for Lawyers

In this conversation, Frank Ramos, lawyer, LinkedIn influencer, and author, interviews Brilliant Legal Mind founder, Claire E. Parsons, about what mindfulness is and how to bring mindfulness into your life and law practice.

Watch the video here.