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Above the Law & MothersEsquire

Claire has written several posts in the partnership with Above the Law and MothersEsquire on topics ranging from working motherhood, to writing, to mindfulness. Check them out here:

The Ugly Beautiful Gift: How a Lawyer Mom Faced Loneliness and Found Belonging

Loneliness is incredibly common in our culture and in the legal profession. And yet it’s hard to face because many of us feel ashamed of it. In this post, founder, Claire E. Parsons, shares her story with loneliness and the steps she took to face it and find belonging.

Someday Notions and Birthday Dreams: Lessons from a A Lawyer Mom’s Quest to Write a Book

When you start writing, the first thing that comes up isn’t a bunch of words. It’s often a bunch of doubts. In this article, our founder shares how she faced those doubts as she progressed with writing and what she learned in the experience.

How Mindfulness and My Inner Lawyer-Mom Helped Me Face My Own Anger

Do you struggle with anger? Who doesn’t? Sometimes lawyers look to mindfulness to try to find peace and calm. In this post written for Above the Law in partnership with MothersEsquire, our founder, Claire E. Parsons, shares that was her experience though the route to it was not quite direct. She explains that mindfulness actually helped her learn to let herself be not calm and that’s when she found peace.

Lawyer Moms Who Think Their Lives Are Too Messy for Mindfulness Should Read This

Check out our founder, Claire E. Parsons’s, recent post about mindfulness and messiness on Above the Law in partnership with MothersEsquire.

Interviews and Guest Posts for Other Blogs and Publications:

Tracking Happiness

How I Navigated Perfectionism and Postpartum Depression with Therapy and Mindfulness

In this case study for Tracking Happiness, I share how I healed from depression and used it as motivation to grow. I share how a combination of therapy, family support, medication, and meditation helped me build skills and gradually change my life.

The Industry Leaders

Claire E. Parsons, Partner & Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher

In this interview, I talk about my path to practicing law and teaching mindfulness. I also talk about the mentors who have helped and supported me along the way and what leadership really means.

Authority Magazine

From Frenzy to Focus: How We Can Cancel Hustle Culture And Create A New Sustainable Work Paradigm

In this interview, I talk about the human realities and workplace practices that lead to hustle culture and she offers some insights about how to get out of the trap.

Attorney at Law Magazine

Real Confidence: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Help Can Help Lawyers Manage Anxiety and Trust Themselves

In this guest post, our founder shares her view of confidence as a process rather than an emotion and how mindfulness and compassion can support action even in the face of fear and anxiety.

Contract Nerds

Four Ways to Channel Mindfulness for Less Stressful Contract Reviews

In this guest post, our founder shares how mindfulness can help contract professionals (or anyone) manage deadline stress.

DRI’s The Voice

More Than Calm: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Make You a Better Lawyer

Are you curious why our founder, Claire E. Parsons, called her new book How to Be a Badass Lawyer? Or maybe you are just wondering why everyone is talking about mindfulness for lawyers all the time. Learn the answers to both questions in this new article published in DRI’s The Voice.

Constellation Marketing

When Lawyers Ask Me How to Start a Meditation Practice, I Say These 4 Words

Lawyers curious about meditation often have all kinds of questions about how to do the practice “right.” I answer most of these questions with 4 words: “just start” and “start small.” In this guest blog post, I try to take some of the anxiety out of a new meditation practice by encouraging lawyers to get started with a practice so they can start to answer their own questions and learn what works for them.

Recovering Superwoman Blog

The Struggle Is Real: The Tangle of Overthinking

In this guest blog post, Claire shares her struggle with overthinking and how mindfulness helped her overcome it. But this is no dry lecture about the dangers of rumination, it is a personal story with a little bit of magic and humor from Disney’s retelling of the Rapunzel story in Tangled.

Mindful Life Mindful Work

Mindful Life Mindful Work

Zen in the Art of LinkedIn

Think mindfulness and networking don’t mix? Think again. In this post, our founder shares strategies for building a network while maintaining balance and values.

The Wellness Esquire

Want to learn more about mindfulness and compassion? Check out my new book, How to Be a Badass Lawyer, for a simple guide to creating a meditation practice of your own in 30 days. And to share mindfulness with your little one, check out my new children’s book, Mommy Needs a Minute.

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