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Welcome to the Brilliant Legal Mind blog! I created this space to help other lawyers and professionals learn about mindfulness meditation and practices. When we use the term “brilliant” we often mean “smart,” or “talented” or “insightful.” But the term has other meanings too. It can also refer to a very bright light or the clarity and cut of a diamond. Mindfulness practices have helped me keep my mind clear, sharp, and bright so I can better serve my clients and community. In this blog, I will show you how you can do the same to take your mind from burdened to brilliant.

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I am Claire E. Parsons, a lawyer, mom, author of How to Be a Badass Lawyer and Mommy Needs a Minute, speaker, and leader. I’ve been a practicing law for more than a decade and started meditating early in my law practice. It changed my life so I started speaking and writing about it and ultimately became certified as a meditation, yoga, and compassion teacher. I’m passionate about mindfulness and love showing fellow lawyers how mindfulness can take their legal minds from burdened to brilliant. Read more