Mindfulness Basics

Are you new to meditation or want to understand mindfulness concepts better? Check out this series of posts intended to explain mindfulness practices and concepts in accessible terms.

Noticing “Why” Questions Can Help You Be More Present in Life

Nonjudgmental awareness is the goal of most meditation sessions and cultivating it is the goal of most meditators. Teachers will tell us to “just notice what’s there” instead of getting lost in our reactions. But, for us lawyers, this is not an easy feat. We are trained to judge, evaluate, and appraise. Clients pay usContinue reading “Noticing “Why” Questions Can Help You Be More Present in Life”

How to Find a “Quiet Place” When Meditating in a Full House

The stress of a global pandemic has made interest in meditation skyrocket. Unfortunately, part of the stress of the pandemic is living in close, sometimes cramped, quarters with our loved ones and four-legged friends. Almost every guide to meditation tells you to start your practice by finding a comfortable position in a “quiet” spot withContinue reading “How to Find a “Quiet Place” When Meditating in a Full House”

Loving-Kindness Meditation Explained in Valentines

There is some incredibly promising research emerging relating to loving-kindness (metta) meditation. This practice, in which meditators send themselves and others well wishes, has been shown to impart incredible benefits, including stress reduction and improvements to relationships. It has even been shown to make people who do it consistently behave more ethically. Despite this, loving-kindnessContinue reading “Loving-Kindness Meditation Explained in Valentines”