About Contributing Author Loren VanDyke Wolff

Loren and her husband, Ben, have a law practice in Covington, Kentucky. Loren’s practice focuses on real estate, government, and administrative law. Loren has a wide range of real estate experience associated with the use and transfer of commercial and residential property. In addition to her real estate expertise, Loren has extensive government experience having started her career in state and municipal government in Indiana. In 2017 she served as the Interim City Manager for the City of Covington, Kentucky (the first woman to serve in the position). Her real estate and government experience allow her to help clients navigate government at all levels. Loren loves to roll up her sleeves to work alongside clients to help them evaluate their options and reach practical solutions to accomplish their goals.

The common thread of Loren’s experience is public service. Loren is involved in many charitable, civic, and professional causes. She currently serves as Chair of the Center for Great Neighborhoods in Covington, Kentucky, Chair of the Covington Parking Authority, and Chair of Covington Community Montessori. Loren is also a tireless advocate for gender equity having served on her previous firm’s diversity and equity committee and writing on the subject.  

Despite her accomplishments, like so many women and parents in the legal profession, Loren struggles with stress, anxiety, and burnout. In 2011 while pregnant with her second son, William, Loren discovered that William would be born with end stage renal disease. Loren underwent a fetal surgery and William started dialysis at 6 days old. William spent the beginning of his life in and out of the hospital and he received a kidney transplant at 18 months old. With a new law practice and a toddler at home, Loren struggled to cope. Having dabbled with meditation since college, Loren turned to meditation as a way to manage the overwhelm and now relies on it as a way of bringing a little more calm and happiness to her life. Loren has enjoyed sharing the lessons from her meditation practice with her friends and community and, in fact, sharing those experiences helped her form the friendship with Claire that brought her to the blog.

Mindfulness and meditation have led Loren to develop simple rules: try your best, work hard, always try to do the right thing, and enjoy life. It’s also helped her design a life she loves: Loren and her husband live in a historic home in the urban core of Covington, Kentucky with their three kids where they live within walking distance of work and school.   Loren hopes to pass her love of basketball on to her kids by coaching their basketball teams and when she’s not shuffling kids to activities, her family can be found hanging out in their neighborhood, singing in the kitchen, or watching Marvel movies.