Feedspot Names Brilliant Legal Mind One of 25 Best Lawyer Mom Blogs

If you start a blog hoping for instant recognition, you are bound to experience disappointment. Even so, it’s nice when recognition comes along.

In 2022, Feedspot named the blog on the 25 Best Lawyer Mom Blogs. The list was recently updated for 2023 and the blog made the list again. You can check out the full list here.

Now, is the blog really a “lawyer mom” blog? Though I didn’t intend that classification when I launched the blog in 2020, I think it’s close enough. The sub-subtitle of my book, How to Be a Badass Lawyer, is “Written by a Lawyer Mom from Kentucky.” That’s because, as I write in the book, my experience with early motherhood is what prompted me to start meditating in the first place.

I also write frequently about my experience as a parent in Mindful Family posts. In those posts, I have written about finding a quiet place to meditate with kids, teaching kids about mindfulness, staying calm during kid tantrums and the value of enjoying the small moments with your kids. More recently, I also authored a children’s book with the very lawyer mom title: Mommy Needs a Minute.

It’s also nice to share a spot on the list with some lawyer mom friends, including MothersEsquire. I have previously served on the Board for that organization, written several times for their partnership with Above the Law, and their founder wrote the foreword to my book.

So, although I consider this blog a “mindfulness blog” first, I will proudly claim the title of lawyer mom blog too. Thanks to Feedspot for the continued recognition and to all the readers who have followed and supported the blog.

Want to learn more about mindfulness and compassion? Check out my new book, How to Be a Badass Lawyer, for a simple guide to creating a meditation practice of your own in 30 days. And to share mindfulness with your little one, check out my new children’s book, Mommy Needs a Minute.

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